Bush Adamant-No “G” Word Ambassador To Armenia

President Bush remains firmly committed that he will not send an ambassador to represent the United States in Armenia who would use the “G” word to describe the massacre of thousands of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in the period 1915-1923. He already fired Ambassador John Evans for the crime of describing what happened to Armenians as genocide. Bush sent the name of Richard Hoagland to replace Evans but his nomination has been side-tracked over his refusal to use the infamous “G” word to describe what happened. Many Democrats refuse to accept an ambassador to Armenia who is a genocide denier. The president has withdrawn the name of Hoagland and is submitting the name of Marie Yovanovitch, but she undoubtedly will encounter the same problem.

Senator Barack Obama sent a letter dealing with this issue which says the events regarding the killing of hundreds of thousands of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire can be termed to be a “genocide.”

Perhaps, President Bush is considering submitting the name of a new ambassador to Israel who refuses to use the “H” word to describe Hitler’s actions in WWII.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/bush-adamant-no-g-word-ambassador-to-armenia/ Eleanor

    But Holocaust and Armenian massacre in 1915 cannot be compared: (1) the United Nations has never accepted the Armenian case as genocide; (2) the United Nations Genocide Convention does not apply retroactively to events before 1948; (3) there is substantial disagreement between experts regarding the events of 1915; (4) there is concern by experts about broadening the definition of genocide and overlapping with other crimes.

  • http://theimpudentobserver.com/world-news/bush-adamant-no-g-word-ambassador-to-armenia/ Valdis

    The Ottoman massacres of Armenians in the period from 1914 to 1918 are not the same thing as the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. Unlike the WWII-period Jews, the WWI Armenians offered mass stiff resistance to their oppressors. The Armenian forces of General Agha Andranik actually killed or captured numerous Ottoman troops in battle. This means that the Armenians were at de facto war with the Ottomans.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I never said they were the same. I simply said no one would be appointed to Israel who did not accept the Holocaust. Why is it you immediately get wild whenever anyone discusses the massacre of Armenians? Armenians were massacred and the massacre was like that in Rwanda– genocidal.