Bush And Sarkozy Warn Iran About Trouble

The Gold Dust Twins, George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy, once again expressed their ability to be verbally tougher than anyone else at the OK Ranch by blasting Iran and making threats of possible action. The French president said bluntly, “Iran getting a nuclear bomb is unacceptable, that’s clear. It’s an unacceptable threat for the stability of the world. His fellow tough talking friend, George Bush, added, “A nuclear armed Iran is incredibly destabilizing” and he wanted to make clear to Iran they will not be able to move along that path without something happening along the way to ensure it never occurs.

Between the two world leaders who enjoy coming across as the toughest guys on the block and an incredibly inept Iranian leadership we have all the makings of another world problem. The European Union just offered Iran an interesting plan that would allow them to pursue peaceful uses of nuclear energy, but the offer was turned down without even a serious look at the proposal. Iran is suffering the effects of being a hermit inward looking nation for thirty years. Its religious leaders have never been challenged during that time, and are unaware of the dangerous path being pursued in not seeking compromise. They refuse to recognize that Bush is capable of doing anything, and that means possible air strikes at Iran.