Bush Arrives In Israel To Hot And Cold Welcomes

President Bush arrived in Israel where he was warmly greeted by President Peres and welcomed by President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. The American president once again referred to his desire to “guarantee Israel’s security as a Jewish state” despite the fact at least ten percent of its population is not Jewish, but Muslim. In Gaza, militants marched denouncing talks between Israel and Palestine and there apparently were al-Qaeda elements among those waving weapons. Even a Fatah leader in Gaza, Zakariya al-Agha, contradicted Abbas the head of Fatah, by denouncing Bush for supporting Israel. On the other side of the ledger, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of Shas, urged his followers not to support peace talks until the Palestinians cease firing rockets onto Israel territory.

The object of having peace talks is to prevent rockets from firing since despite years of military efforts to wipe out rocket launching sites, they continue coming into Israel. It is also unfortunate that President Bush did not acknowledge the presence or importance of Israeli Arabs by making his mistaken comment that Israel was a “Jewish state.” That was never a concept one finds as a prominent point among those who forged creation of the nation of Israel.

  • Reasonable Rightist

    Good post, but you make a criticism at the end based on a misinterpretation of Bush’s words.

    Nation, State, and Country are all different things. You are right, Israel is NOT a jewish nation because not all the population is jewish, and “nation” refers to a gorup of people who identify as such.
    “State,” on the other hand, strictly refers to a government. Thus, whether or not all of Israel’s population is Jewish is completely irrelevant; its laws and its government make it a Jewish state; and it WAS founded as such to be a haven from anti-semitism.
    Bush used the word “State,” not “Nation,” thus he was right and did not snub at anyone except in the minds of those who are allready preset against him. It is one thing to criticize on policy, but to attack a misinterpretation of a phrase also taken out of context is utter foolishness!

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    If you study the history of Zionism, at no point did any major Jewish leader mention thi concept. In fact, up to the 1940s, most Jewish leaders in the Palestine Mandate forsaw a time when Arabs and Jews would live in the same nation. I stand by my criticism, Bush’s comment flies in the face of Zionist history. Please read some.