Bush Backs Musharraf As A Supporter Of Democracy!

In a televised session with ABC news, President George Bush announced his continued support for embattled President Musharraf of Pakistan stating that he “has not crossed the line” and is “truly is somebody who believes in democracy.” Two weeks ago, the US State Department was warning Musharraf about their concerns about his violation of democracy. What exactly does it take before George Bush will take a stand for freedom and democracy in the world. Our president talks the fight but he certainly doesn’t walk the fight.

Perhaps, Bush can tell leaders of Pakistan’s main parties who have been detained in their homes, deprived of access to the media, and banned from even participating in peaceful demonstrations why he regards Musharaf as a friend of democracy. Perhaps, Bush can explain away reports the Musharraf government is distributing in each parliamentary constituency about 25,000 ballots his supporters can use to ensure victory for the president. George Bush’s comments are an insult to the people of America!