Bush Beware–Your Austalian Friend Got Whipped!

President George Bush may be upset today because his close friend and ally, Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, went down to a crushing and humiliating defeat in the Australian election. A major issue of the campaign was a promise by the incoming prime minister, Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party, that he was opposed to Australian participation in the Iraq war. Election results indicate the Labor Party and its Green allies will capture at least 86 out of 150 seats in parliament and the total may even go higher. Prime Minister John Howard stands a chance of losing his own seat as voters expressed their indignation at the current leadership of their nation.

Let us hope the people of Australia have shown the American people what to do next fall. Perhaps, the defeat might even impact current Republican presidential candidates to reconsider their views on the Iraq war.

  • Nelson Robison

    Pres. Duhbya, cannot face the fact that he has put the US in an untenable position. The Whole World is not in his hands and he has become a pariah to the rest of civilized society. Given these facts, you would think that the Dems. controlling both houses of Congress would have the backbone to stand up to him, yet they have become complicit in the continuation of this obscene and immoral war.

  • Rex Hump

    While you hoped the Australian result will impact the 2008 Election I tend to disagree:

    John Howard loss stemmed mainly from the fact that he placed his own agenda above his own political party.
    Howard held the leadership role at a time when concerns were expressed within his party for him to hand the leadership to his deputy (Peter Costello) in order to rejuvenate his party and keep it in power. Even in 2001 the Liberal / National Coalition were set to lose the upcoming election, yet the Children Overboard saga gave the Howard extra life and showed a man would do anything if it meant staying in power and continue his agenda. He became the guy that didn’t know when to quit and the public had enough.

    Promising to end an unpopular war to win an election works wonders. In 1972 Gough Whitlam won a landside victory for the Labor party by promising withdrawal from the Vietnam War. In 2007 Kevin Rudd does the same trick with Iraq and wins a landslide victory for the Labor party. Richard Nixon actually won the 1968 presidential election on a promise of ending the Vietnam war. In the end when America goes to the polls, Republican voters wont be punishing GW for Iraq by voting Democrat (that just doesn’t happen). However the “End The War” political card does draw a lot of swinging voters. One should remember the unwritten rule of politics… “Promises made during elections don’t always carry over once a candidate get into office”….

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    In 1992, despite a huge victory, in Iraq, George Bush was defeated for re-election. In 1945, despite Winston Churchill leading England to a tremendous victory in WWII, he was defeated even before the war against Japan was over. In 1946, the Democratic party which had led America to victory in WWII, suffered a terrible defeat in the Congressional election. People tend to vote on domestic issues as much as on foreign policy ones. A majority of Americans ar disgusted with the Bush mess, they equally are disgusted by the housing situation, failure of Congress or the President to act on medical care, etc… I suspect the medical care issue and reactions against weird Republican ideas on social security will impact voters tremendously.
    I, in no way, meant to imply what happened in Australia would have any effect on American voters. Heck, 99% don’t even know where Australia is located. I was teasing.