Bush CREATED Terrorism Claims UK Spy Expert!

There is not a doubt in the world future historians will tear to pieces the inept decision by former President George Bush to invade Iraq because in so doing, he CREATED TERRORISM. Former UK M15 General Director, Eliza Manningham Butler told the Chilcot inquiry the decision for war in 2003 against Saddam Hussein was a gift to Osama bin Laden and assisted his efforts in spreading terrorism throughout the world. “We gave Osama bin laden his Iraqi Jihad” and the world continues to suffer from this blunder on the part of George Bush and his buddy in arms, Tony Blair. Ms. Butler made clear the so-called threat of Saddam Hussein, “wasn’t of concern in either the short-term or the medium term to me or to my colleagues.” She wryly noted that former Prime Minister Tony Blair place too much credence on “fragmentary intelligence.”

The people of the United Kingdom are finally being told the truth, but Americans remain ignorant of Bush blunders and its impact on their lives in 2010. Barack Obama argues there is no need to divide Americans. Sorry, how can Americans today understand the economic reality they confront without knowing how Bush lied and, in so doing, ran up hundreds of billions of dollars in debt? Americans deserve to know the TRUTH!