Bush Defends Far Eastern Policy

In an exclusive interview given the Bangkok Post, President Bush insisted his critics were wrong and he had not merely been absorbed in the fight against terrorism, but his administration had been fighting for human rights throughout the world. “In terms of foreign policy in the Far East, it is mistake if someone were to say that my preoccupation was on the War on Terror. You bet I wanted to make sure that we protected ourselves at home…Secondly, our foreign policy has been robust in the Far East. Our relations with your country(Thailand), South Korea, with Japan and with China have never been better.” The president defended his action in working with North Korea to end its nuclear military program and with cooperating with China. He expressed the belief “India, China, and the US will provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs an businesses throughout the region.”

There is no doubt the Bush administration has taken a strong stand against the oppressive regime which controls Burma and it has finally ended its rhetoric about “evil” regimes and worked with North Korea.