Bush Duplicity Operates At Bali Environment Conference

At the opening of the Bali Conference dealing with greenhouse emissions and global warming, Paul Dobriasnky of the US State Department assured attendees that a goal of America is, “we’d like to see consensus on the launch of negotiations.” Unknown to people at the conference, Bush was operating behind the scenes to destroy any hope of obtaining a meaningful agreement on global warming. Der Spiegel, reports the United States has been secretly working with India and China to sabotage the goal of strong controls over greenhouse emissions. According to their source, “Washington is hoping that the two greenhouse gas emitters will openly declare during the conference they are unwilling to accept any binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases.” Bush wants to make certain the United States doesn’t come across as the one halting world efforts to halt global warming. One Washington insider said: “Bush’s people don’t want to make any real progress in the next two weeks. But, they don’t want to be severely criticized internationally again.”

Bush’s behavior at Bali certainly is consistent with his behavior on most major issues — be duplicitous. He is intellectually and emotionally unable to work with others in sincere ways to deal with global issues because the president is convinced he, and his close associates, are the only ones who understand the real issues at stake.