Bush-Get The Feeling, Want To Go, Want To Stay?

President Bush appears to want things both ways, he, and John McCain, would like to boast the famous surge has reduced violence, and he wants to boast troops will be coming home, but at the same time he wants to maintain more troops in Iraq than were present before the surge. He has absolutely no plan to deal with the war in Afghanistan except to say we need more troops. The rhetoric of the Bush-McCain coalition is that there is such a thing called “victory,” although that is never defined and, most probably, will never be achieved. Leaders in Iraq have consistently supported the idea proposed by Senator Obama that all American troops should be out as soon as possible, but Bush wants to keep them in place. At the core of the Republican position is everything must be done to support the candidacy of John McCain he wants the United States to “stay the course.”

Bush and McCain insist we have attained “victory.” The Iraq government is not cooperating with Sunnis who fought as part of Awakening Councils and, one can hypothesize that eventually will result in violence. The Taliban grow stronger every day and one can assume Senator McCain, if victorious, will be informing the American people we need another “surge” in Afghanistan to attain “victory.”