Bush Internal Division Bewilders Turkish Government

The divide between the Pentgon and the United States State Department is creating confusion within Turkey as to exactly what is the Bush policy toward Kurdish rebels. On one hand, Admiral Fallon, commander of the U.S,.Central Command which is responsbile for the war in Iraq, called, during a hearing before Congress, for “some kind of accomodation reached” with the PKK. He admitted during this session, US forces provided “indirect support to the Turkish military intelligence.” However, he did tell Congress further military action would result in casualties and it would be preferable for Turkey to reach a diplomatic solution to the problem. Turkish sources believe the State Dpearmtent was furious at remarks made by military officers to Congress on the issue of Turkish actions toward the PKK, To further complicate things, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates agreed with the military operation but added, “it is your turn to find a political solution.”

The United States State Department has consistently taken the stance Turkey is correct to conduct military operations and there should not be any discussion with terrorist organizations. This is the same attitude taken toward Israel negotiating with Hamas. Perhaps, President Bush might exert some leadership and bring together the warring factions within his own government in order to come up with a policy toward Turkey and the Kurds.

  • m.h.sharef

    The American leadership has exposed their
    double standard,their standing naked to the
    International Community.

  • http://monitor.newsvine.com Nuri Yalcin

    Well, the US government is not a monolith. It’s important for Turkey to recognize this and work with Washington accordingly. Ankara’s mouthpieces are accusing unfairly and counter-productively what they perceive to be a consistent anti-Turkish policy. Washington is not so stupid to favor Kurds over Turks. Oh, didn’t Ankara and the State Department deal Pentagon a severe blow by opening the can of worms called Blackwater? Am I the only one seeing some sort of backlash here?

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Never underestimate the confusion n the Bush administration as to what they are doing.