Bush Iraq “Success” Lives ON

In March, 2003 President Bush was informed by UN inspectors there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that had ever been found by their investigations. But, George Bush and his cronies, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney knew better. He was determined to rid the world of the evil tyrant, Saddam Hussein and thus unleashed the American army. A decade has passed and now Iraq is run by Muslim clerics who want all the oil that is within their borders. Unfortunately for them, Kurdish people  do not want to be ruled by Shiite clerical folk and  have carved out their own area and control their own oil.

Turkish prime Minister Recep Erdogan charged the Iraq Maliki government with attempting to suck his nation into the possible civil war between Kurds and Iraqis. “The (Baghdad) regime wants to lead this country into a civil war” and he will not oblige Maliki. Turkey  fears Kurdish elements in Iraq, Kurds want to help fellow Kurds in Turkey, Maliki wants oil the is in Kurdish areas, and life goes on.

George, are you happy to have helped cause this mess?