Bush-It’s OK Talking To Terrorists- If I Say So!

President George Bush made an impassioned speech to the Israel Knesset in which he denounced “appeasement” and derided Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, for seeking to speak with all regimes in an effort to achieve peace. Bush made clear he would not talk with terrorists– unless of course, talking with terrorists helps him attain his ends. The Arabic daily, Al-Hayat, reported on Saturday the United States government had changed its position on ngotiations between Isael and Syria. The paper said an Israeli source indicated the US government had requested that Turkey promote talks between Israel and Syria. According to the newspaper account, the US government even went so far as to tell the Israelis it would be most happy to particpate in talks that involve Syria and Israel.

The Israel source met with members of Bush’s entourage, and asserted it was not by accident that Bush avoided mentioning Syria in his talk to the Knesset. Sources in Damascus say Syrian President Bashar Assad was waiting to hear from Bush before proceeding with negotiations with Israel.

George Bush, as usual, says one thing in public and does another in private. He loudly derided Obama from seeking to have discussions with nations like Iran and Syria while planning to have talks with Syria.