Bush –I’ve Been Captain Marvel!

The American people, the liberal media, all inhabitants on planet Earth and all the ships at sea should hang their heads in shame for failing to recognize the outstanding heroics of George Bush in saving America from terrorist attacks, ensuring everyone has access to medical care, and playing Santa Claus at Christmas to anyone earning over a million dollars a year. Regardless of what his critics claim, “I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right.” George, the problem is just what you said. Have you ever considered that what you “thought was right” was wrong?? In his view sending 4,200 Americans to their death over WMD that never existed was doing what he thought was right. Vetoing increased health insurance for children was doing what he thought was right.

George Bush will go to his grave convinced all he ever experienced as president were a few “disappointments” but no mistakes. He created terrorism, he presided over the most incompetent policy in Middle Eastern history by the disaster of Afghanistan and all he can recall is a “disappointment..”