Bush Killed Osama, Not Obama!

I make it a policy to avoid reading the columns of Charles Krauthammar since this man who many, many years ago actually wrote some sensible words has become trapped in the bizarro world of the George Bush era. According to Chuck, the only reason Osama bin Laden is dead is due to the actions of the awesome trio of George/Don/Dick. Let me explain how the death of Osama bin Laden really occurred.

Step 1: George Bush ordered an invasion of Afghanistan.

Step 2: George Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq.

Step 3: Once we were in Afghanistan it meant American soldiers could build air bases. Without the presence of those air bases no attack on the Osama bin Laden compound could occur.

Step 4: The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq cost the lives of over 5,000 American men and women. This made Americans determined to kill Osama bin Laden.

Step 5: We tortured prisoners and obtained dozens of leads that led nowhere. This was an important part of the Bush strategy. If your intelligence spends years chasing false leads it makes clear where Osama bin Laden is not hiding. That eliminates dozens of locations where he could not be.

Step 6: It was under the administration of the awesome Trio that America forged an alliance with the Pakistan government and its secret service, the ISI. Bush did this! Not Obama! Thus we knew if the ISI said Osama bin Laden was not in Pakistan, it meant Osama bin Laden WAS in Pakistan. See, it narrowed the search.

Step 7: The helicopters carrying the attack team came from an AIRPORT IN AFGHANISTAN BUILT BY GEORGE BUSH! IN other words, if
Bush had not invaded Afghanistan there could not be an airport from which the attack team took off.

Step 8: Under the Bush administration, we tortured all sorts of terrorists who insisted that Osama bin Laden was NOT in Pakistan. Since we should never believe what a person under torture says, it made clear we were on the right track by not listening to the words of the tortured.

Step 9: George Bush spent the day of the attack chopping wood in Texas. The state of Texas is close to Indian tribes where Geronimo used to live. Remember, the code word for the operation was, GERONIMO. See the connection to George Bush.

Step 10: Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan where he was not supposed to be, the ISI gave misleading information which made it easier to uncover the truth, the men who killed Osama bin Laden flashed: “Geronimo.” They flew back to the airport built by Bush.

So, it is clear from the above that the awesome TRIO, not Obama deserve credit for killing Osama bin Laden.

God Bless great thinkers like Charles Krauthammer for revealing the truth that the Liberal Media will not allow to emerge!