Bush Legacy In Somalia Lives On After His Departure

Two years ago, President Bush in his quest to “spread democracy” exerted pressure on the government of Christian Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia and destroy its government. The invasion of Christians roused the anger of large segments of the Somalia population, and within months the Ethiopians were bogged down in guerrilla warfare. After two years of constant fighting and few success stories, the Ethiopians departed and went home. However, they left behind chaos as Islamist groups vied for power. The end result is that Muslim groups who are sympathetic to al-Qaeda are now gearing up to assume power — or what passes for power– in Somalia.

The other day, Somalia Islamist groups beheaded seven men who were charged with abandoning their religion and had assisted foreign groups to gain power in their country. Fighting rages in the capital as various Muslim groups seek to destroy the others and gain power.

One can only wonder what President Bush back in Texas thinks about the mess he helped to create in another country.