Bush Lied About Iraq To Allies

Former president George Bush is making the rounds these nights in order to shill for his book. He repeatedly makes clear the worse moment of his presidency occurred when an entertainer called him a racist. However, either he is a liar or his brain has gone soft when it comes to the lies he told former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. The German Chancellor asked Bush to consult him prior to making any decision for an invasion of Iraq and that assurance was given. Schroder had pushed through support for Afghan action and realized Iraq would be a tougher sell. He wanted assurances from Bush there was a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq. As Schroder later commented; “the connection, however, as it became clear during 2002 was false and constructed.” In his book,”Decision Points,” Bush claims the German chancellor was informed and supported the invasion.

Not only did George Bush lie to the American people, he lied to just about every European leader. For some reason, these lies do not linger in his mind as important moments of his presidency. I wonder why.