Bush Memoirs Copies From Books

Ordinarily, when an individual sits down to write the story of his life, it is expected the material comes from his brain, not the memoirs of other people. But, then again, when it comes to George Bush, the noted writer of such brilliant accounts of war as: “Mission Accomplished,” it should nto be unusual to discover not only did he lie to the American people about WMD, but he lied to the American people about his own life. Chris McGreal, writing in the Guardian offers ample evidence that in writing his memoirs, Bush decided others knew better than himself what he thought. Among the dozens of examples he cites here are a few:

Decision Points: Karzai, “Why General, you are my men. all of you who are Afghans are my men.”
From an article by Ahmed Rashid: “Why General”, he replied, you are my men, all of you are Afghans and are my men.”

Decisions: “the second option combined cruise missile strikes with manner bomber attacks.”
From Bob Woodward: the second option combined cruise missiles with manned bomber attacks.”

Decision Points: “One man yelled, Do not let me down.”
From Woodward: “Whatever it takes, ” they shouted, “Don’t let me down.”

We do not print the other numerous examples of a George Bush allowing others to write his own autobiography in their words.