Bush Plays Politics With Atomic Energy

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said this is not the right time for the United States to carry out an agreement in made with Russia regarding nuclear energy. In an apparent move to punish Russia for its actions in Georgia, the United States made with Russia last May because the State Department insisted: “We made very clear that Russia’s behavior has to be condemned and there have to be consequences that flow from what it’s done in Georgia.” In other words, a war begun by the reckless behavior of Georgia’s president which led to reckless behavior on the part of Russia is going to halt an important nuclear agreement which would have given the United States access to modern Russian nuclear technology.

This is simply another example of the Bush inability to behave in a manner that leads to trust on the part of other nations. Does he really believe other nations will now trust the word of the United States? The entire situation in Georgia stems from Bush mistakes such as trying to get Georgia into NATO and building missile bases on the border of Russia.

  • Dr Robert Brown

    This will end soon, I hope, when the Bush Administration is history and Obama takes over. It is only one of many, many irrational decisions made by this president that we need someone like him and Sen Biden to “begin” to rectify.


  • Paul Vogler

    So the nuclear deal with Russia is cancelled. The Russians miss some billions of short term cash which they don’t need at this time. Where does the US and its worldwide clientele dump the nuclear waste now and at what cost? Georgia? Poland? Tschec RepublicNo problem, the US taxpayer pays the bill. Maybe you can dump it into the Alaskan wilderness? Good luck to you.