Bush Plays Politics With Wounded Soldier Bill

Democrats on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee sent a letter to President Bush asking him to cooperate with Congress in order to quickly pass a bill to assist those wounded in the Iraq war. Congress has almost completed work on the Wounded Warriors Act and is in the final stages of ironing out details causing many to be shocked that the president was now submitting a new bill dealing with wounded soldiers. Democrats fear Bush’s plan is complex and will tie up the committee into a new set of arguments and discussions. They are requesting the president to hold off on complex issues so that immediate needs of wounded soldiers can be handled in an expeditious manner. The Democrats agree his plan meets some of the ideas already incorporated into the Wounded Warriors Act, but expressed concern “about provisions of your bill that would provide a basis for drastic changes to VA’s disability compensation system.” Democrats made clear they would not allow the VA to unilaterally changes the disability system without congressional input.

Perhaps, Republican supporters of George Bush can explain why the president waited until AFTER work had been completed in Congress before submitting his own ideas. It is obvious this is just another Bush ploy to grab the limelight and take credit for work done by Democrats in Congress. If wounded soldiers get caught up in his political games, so be it. After all, Bush interests always take precedence over those of the American people.