Bush Promises To Protect Pakistan Against US Attacks!

President George Bush assured Pakistan’s newly elected leader, Asif Ali Zardari, that the United States stands ready to protect his nation from attacks by American soldiers. Of course, the American president did not exactly use those words, but he did say, “your words have been very strong about Pakistan’s sovereign duty to protect your country and the United States wants to help.” Of course, the intrusions into Pakistan territory by foreign invaders has been members of the United States military who have conducted unauthorized air and ground attacks in Pakistan territory. Bush expressed his condolences over the recent deaths caused by insurgent bombing of the Marriott hotel. However, there was no expression of condolence from the American president for the death of Pakistani civilians as a result of American air attacks.

The issue is not whether Pakistan is doing enough to fight militants in tribal regions, but the right of the United States to unilaterally invade a neutral nation under the pretext American security demands such rights of invasion. This was the Bush argument in 2003 which resulted in the tragedy of Iraq. At least George Bush remains unchanged in his stupidity.