Bush Sacrificed Iraqi Christians On Altar Of WMD

The exodus of Christians from Mosul continues as thousands flee attacks by Muslim fundamentalists. During the past few weeks over a dozen Christians were murdered in Mosul and lacking any security, thousands of families have fled for safety to churches or to the homes of friends in the north. Close to half of the city’s Christian population has left because the Iraq created by the American invasion has been a disastrous event for those who are not Muslims. Christians whisper they are being targeted by a systematic campaign to get rid of them, and while most believe it is the work of Muslim fanatics, others point to Kurdish groups which want the city to become a Kurdish bastion.

During a visit to a monastery by General Tony Thomas, refugees were promised that anyone who killed Christians would be destroyed by his forces. Powerful words, and little action to carry them out. In most probability, Christianity will never again be a powerful force in Iraq. George Bush could not find WMD and he could not find a way to prevent the destruction of Iraq Christianity.