Bush Spied On Iraqi Leaders-So, What’s New?

Investigative reporter Bob Woodward claims in his new book the Bush administration was engaged in ongoing spying on its Iraq allies. He quotes an unnamed source as commenting about an Iraqi leader, “we know everything he says.” The American decision to constantly spy on Prime Minister Maliki is simply evidence the Bush administration just regards spying as part of the normal operating procedure of government. The Iraqi government reacted with fury to the Woodward revelations which a spokesperson said, ‘reflects that there is no trust.” It appears a major focus of spying operations was uncovering information concerning relations between the Shiite Iraq government and that of the Shiite Iranian government.

Woodward’s research contradicts the John McCain boast the surge was the cause of a drop in the insurgency. Instead, he claims ground breaking new covert techniques enabled US military and intelligence officials to target and kill insurgent leaders. The Woodward investigation undoubtedly will be described by Sarah Palin as simply another example of elitist media people who hate John McCain and her.