Bush Steps Into Lebanon Mess For Some Strange Reason

The political situation in Lebanon remains unresolved and for some reason President Bush saw fit to make a statement about what is happening. President Emile Lahoud stepped down from his position since his term of office was over and asked the Lebanese army to handle things. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said that was an illegal action since the “situation is secure as the army is maintaining security in the country.” He argued that Lahoud was, in effect, creating a sense there was need for a state of emergency and argued that decision rested with the Cabinet, not the President. The opposition parties suggested that a neutral person take over as president for a two year term and the Siniora majority continue in office, but this was rejected by the majority. Siniora said he would keep parliament in session until they came up with a president. The outgoing president, Lahoud, commented: “No matter what (US president George W.)Bush says, this (Siniora’s government) is unconstitutional and illegitimate. They know it.”

Obviously, the situation is complex and there are times when the United States should simply mind its own business and allow other nations to deal with their own problems.