Bush Supporters Defend Torture

Top level members of the Bush administration defended physical abuse of prisoners by CIA interrogators that were described in detail by memos released by the Obama administration. General Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey, blasted Obama for pandering to the media by releasing the memos which they claim undermine the morale of CIA operatives. Of course, the memos caused those who defend human rights to express their dismay at what was reported. Amnesty International expressed its support of releasing the memos but dismay at Obama’s refusal to prosecute anyone. “The release of CIA memos on interrogation methods by the United States Department of Justice appears to have offered a get-out-of jail free card to people involved in torture.”

According to Hayden and Mukasey letting the world know how Americans tortured prisoners will damage the reputation of this nation by admitting we commit crimes. Perhaps, it might do the reverse and gain admiration of those who have doubted America could ever do an honest thing while Bush was president.

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    Bush and his interrogations policies were on a level of those used by North Vietnam and even Germany during our war time with them.

    We at 1461 Days are wondering what the difference between those different governments committing terrorist tactical interrogation techniques and then being tried and hunted for war crimes and the US government doing this same type of thing and getting a free pass.

    Of course, we feel that if you were following orders then you were following orders from higher up, but those who were higher up and handing out the orders should be questioned and investigated and those actions that were clearly unacceptable for foreign governments to use on our service men by international treaty should not be acceptable for us to use on foreign detainees.

    Bush did say “I make the decisions, I am the commander in chief”