Bush Talks-Kenya Reacts!

Kenya’s Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula, reacted with anger to a recent comment by President Bush concerning the political crisis in the African nation. Bush commented a power sharing agreement was the only way out of the impasse. The African diplomat angrily responded; “We will not be led, guided or given conditions by foreign States on how to reach a solution to solve the political impasse in Kenya. They will not tell us to do this or that. Holding a gun to our heads is something we will not take.” Leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement endorsed the Bush comment leading to angry words between parties trying to deal with the problem.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has been working with all sides in an attempt to reach a consensus for a solution that can work. This is not the time for an American or British or any other foreign nation to intrude into the complex task of resolving opposing views. President Bush appears to forget that within a day of Kibaki claiming victory in the presidential election, the Bush administration endorsed his “victory.” Did that swift endorsement play a role in hardening the initial desire of Kibaki not to compromise? At this point, Annan is the best hope for achieving a solution. It would be best if, for once, the Bush administration relied on the old adage that silence is golden.