Bush The Christian, Causes Christian Deaths!

The Republican party is concerned about Muslim terrorists, whether or not Barack Obama is really a Muslim, but few of these devout Christians has the slightest interest in the lives of Iraq’s Christians. Those currently living in Iraq can trace their ancestry back a few thousand years since their ancestors were among the first people to become Christians. They have lived in what we term, “Iraq” for nearly two thousand years. However, thanks to America’s leading Christian president, at least half of the 800,000 Christians who were in Iraq when US troops arrived, have left for other nations due to fear. Yesterday, a new series of bomb explosions rocked Iraq Christian neighborhoods and no one was arrested. As one Christian noted: “It’s not worth staying in a country where the government is not able to protect you even when you are sitting in your own home.”

The story of Iraq’s Christians is among the most ignored by those of the religious right in America who boasted about the US invasion in 2003. Of course, Fox News is so concerned about Obama being a secret Muslim they not only ignore his Christian background, but they pay no attention to Christians in Iraq.