Bush: “The U.S. Will Defend Israel”

Speaking before a business group, President Bush said the world was “dealing with a country where the leader has said that he wants to destroy Israel. My belief is that the United States will defend Israel.” Bush denounced President Ahmadinejad of Iran for failing to end the nuclear program in his country, but indicated he would be willing to sit down and talk with the leader of Iran, “just so long we can achieve something, so long as we are able to get our objective.” He also warned of chaos if American troops leave Iraq.

President Bush continues claiming Ahmadinejad said he wanted to attack and destroy Israel even though no evidence exists of any such comment made by the Iranian leader. At no point has Iran threatened to attack Israel. Bush also fails to grasp that Ahmadinejad has no control over Iranian armed forces or foreign policy, those aspects of Iran are under the control of religious leaders like Ayatollah Khamenei. Iran’s religious leader are conservative men who try avoiding war. They preside over a nation in which a high percent of the population wants to move in more secular directions. War would create an unstable situation which is not conducive to their power. Bush spent years ranting and raving about the “evil” government of North Korea and was finally persuaded to go back to Clinton policies of negotiating with that nation. The result is an agreement to end nuclear weapon development. Is there something in that story Bush can understand?