Bush Was Misunderstood!

Former President George Bush is a bit peeved because liberals continue to attack his famous tax cuts. George is convinced they were the right thing to do and any intelligent president would have done the same thing because reducing  taxes on wealthy folk is the road to  economic success. “Most small businesses pay tax at the individual income level, therefore if you raised taxes on the so-called rich, you’re really raising taxes on the job creators.” Just reduce taxes and jobs will emerge.

I am confused. Bush dropped the top level from 39% to 36%. When the tax level was at 39%  under the Clinton administration twice as many jobs were created. The tax rate was higher under St. Ron Reagan and more jobs were created than under the Bush administration.

Oh, the “so-called rich”–top five percent own 25% of our nation’s wealthy. They are not “so-called” they are RICH!