Bush Weapons Of Mass Destruction Finally Identified!

The world has long awaited to know what President Bush meant when he claimed there were weapons of mass destruction that could create chaos in the world. In his obsession for WMD, the president has exerted pressure upon the Czech Republic and Poland to allow the United States to place its own WMD on their soil ostensibly designed to ward off missiles from rogue nations such as Iran(originally North Korea was mentioned but that nation has agreed to cooperate). The Russian government has been justifiably infuriated at the prospect of missile bases on its border aimed at non-existent threats. Its Foreign Ministry issued a statement that if plans proceed for the installation of such weapons in Poland or the Czech Republic, “we will be forced to react not with diplomatic but with military-technical methods.”

In February, Prime Minister Putin(then president) warned the presence of such missiles would result in deployment of Russian missiles to the Baltic Sea area and they would be aimed at Poland and the Czech Republic.

There is no threat of Iran firing missiles at Europe. George Bush once again has created a problem that does not exist in order to demonstrate his bravado and ineptness as a leader. The unanswered question is why does the European Union support such a ridiculous idea. Russia has every right to be upset. One can only wonder at a Bush response to missiles being placed in Mexico against possible Iranian missiles!