Bush Will Send More Troops To Afghanistan

Faced with rising death totals and increased aggressive action on the part of the Taliban, President Bush admitted there was need for additional troops in Afghanistan. He noted June had been deadly month and claimed “one reason why there have been more deaths is because our troops are taking the fight to a tough enemy, an enemy who doesn’t like our presence there because they don’t like the idea of America denying safe haven to terrorists. Of course, there’s going to be resistance.” He promised to send more troops but would not be pinned down on a number.

The president’s statement is rather amazing in what it does not say. He notes a reason for increased deaths is because American troops are “taking the fight to a tough enemy.” But, why wasn’t an Afghanistan army taking the fight to a tough enemy the past seven years? The United States defeated the Taliban seven years ago, but there has been complete failure to create an effective Afghanistan army that can assume the burden of defending their nation. It is not America’s duty to deny safe haven to terrorists in 2008, that is the responsibility of the Afghanistan government. Bush policies have failed in Afghanistan and there is need to rethink our objectives in that country.