Bush’s Forgotten Children

Republican leaders continually cite the reduction of violence in Iraq as proof that President Bush was correct in the invasion of Iraq. President Obama focuses on when American troops will be withdrawing from Iraq, but few American political leaders or those in the general population ever think about the human tragedy caused by Bush’s folly. At night, 11 year old Salah Abbas Hisham wakes up screaming and sometimes he attacks the boy sleeping beside him. He is in a tiny Baghdad orphanage where 33 boys sleep on cots or on the floor. Salah saw his parents blown apart and can not be left alone at night when nightmares fill his mind.

No one knows exactly how many children had their parents blown up or killed in other ways, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of children victims of the Bush war. Samira al-Moussawi, who works on children affairs in Parliament, estimates there are at least a million widows in Iraq and believes there are over three million orphans. There are probably thousands of these angry young boys and girls who may yet unleash the furies which lurk in their minds.

Does George Bush ever think about the cost of his invasion? Does he ever reflect on the fact that Iraq lost half its Christian population when Muslim fundamentalists took over the government? Bush is gone from office, but his legacy lingers.