Bush’s Military Legacy!

George Bush is resting in Texas, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are living good lives and will never suffer from the financial crisis which impacts the nation. As the former president cuts wood and pretends he knows something about being a cowboy, does he ever reflect on what he did to the lives of thousands of young men and women in this country? Army officials now estimate that as many as 18 soldiers killed themselves in February. Two are confirmed as suicides and the remaining 16 are under investigation. Seventeen of the dead are male, one female, and 14 occurred in the United States while four were overseas. Last year, eleven soldiers committed suicide. February’s figures did represent a slight drop from the 24 suicides in January.

Bush defenders undoubtedly will argue he can not be blamed for each and every soldier who commits suicide. One assumes they believe these men and women would have killed themselves had there been no Iraq war. George Bush tried to hide the fact people were dying by not allowing photos of returning coffins. However, he cannot cover up the deaths caused by suicide.