Bush’s Missile Folly Results In Russian Missile Folly

The decision by President Bush to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic was based on a strange assumption that the installation of the missiles was vital to the defense of Europe against attacks from Iran and North Korea. Of course, no one in Russia accepted such a weird idea and the result is determination on the part of Russia to retaliate against the Americans. Col. General Nikolai Solotsov said his nation might decide to aim its intercontinental ballistic missiles at the newly constructed bases. He said these facilities could be “designated as targets for our ICBMs.” Moscow believes the missile bases constitute a threat to their nation’s security since it is obvious they have nothing to do with Iran or North Korea.

Perhaps, George Bush can offer the world proof the missile bases actually are there to protect Europe against Iranian and North Korean missiles. Of course, before offering this data, he initially must explain why North Korea or Iran would seek to attack Europe? Bush’s policy was rash, it was unnecessary, and it was provocative towards Russia.