Bush’s Worst Moment As President

During an interview with Matt Lauer, former president George Bush revealed the worst moment of his life. I realize some of you liberal folk probably believe it had something to do with the invasion of Iraq which led to the deaths of over 4,000 Americans. Sorry, that was not the worse moment of his presidency. Abu Ghraib and the torture of human beings? No, that is not it. Walking away from capturing Osama bin Laden who was trapped in the mountains of Afghanistan? Sorry, you are not even close to the event that most dramatically impacted a president whose foolhardy invasions led to the death of thousands of Americans and even more thousands of Iraqis. George is from Texas and men from that part of the world don’t cotton much to be insulted. During the Katrina Hurricane when thousands of poor people were left to fend for themselves, Kaye West made a remark that “George Bush doesn’t care about black folk.” According to Bush that remark was “the most disgusting moment of my life.”

OK, people can die, that is one thing. People can be left without food or shelter, that is another thing. But, INSULTING the president of the United States, well, that is something beyond the boundary of decency. He does not get upset if you charge his tax cuts help the wealthy–of course, they do, and it can be statistically proved. But, just don’t insult a man from Texas and say he is a racist. He comes from a state which is known not to have any racists. If you don’t believe me, just ask George.