Business Antics Of Blame

Republican candidates for president continually remind Americans of the greatness of capitalism and the incompetence of government centered work. BP is now accusing Halliburton of destroying damaging evidence about the quality of its cement that went into the Deepwater Horizon well that exploded and killed people along with causing America’s worst offshore spill. The accussation was made in a Federal court.

BP charges Halliburton of destorying incriminating computer modelling evidence while Halliburton argues the evidence simply disappeared. Naturally, each company charges the other with incompetence and each wants the other to assume responsibility for the cost of cleaning up the damage to  environment. BP insists Halliburton employees destroyed the  evidence that proves incompetence of their company.

This example of  incompetence once again proves that Federal sponsored  projects produce better results. Just check the work of the WPA and the CCC during the Depression.