Butto Party Pledges To Remove Musharraf

BabarAwan, a key leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, vowed his party would initiate procedures to remove President Musharraf from office. “the oouster of Musharraf will put Pakistan back on the track of real democracy.” Bhutto’s husband, party leader Asif Ali Zardari, had previously left open the issue as to whether his group would work with Musharraf or seek to get rid of him. Recent poll figures indicate the PPP is well ahead in parliamentary races and may even gain a majority of votes. Awan’s comments came one day after President Musharraf warned opposition parties not to claim election fraud and attempt demonstrations in protest of the vote count.

It is interesting that President Musharraf has already derided poll figures and urged his followers not to pay attention to “foreign pollsters.” Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif rejected Musharraf’s comments and pledged to organize nation wide protests if there is any evidence of vote fraud. His party believes Musharraf will attempt to rig the elections, much as President Kibaki did in Kenya.

A United States funded poll by the International Repulican Institute found at least half of Pakistan voters supporting the PPP while only 14% favored Musharraf’s PML-Q. By early next week there will be riots in Pakistan or peace. It all depends on whether or not President Musharraf accepts the will of the Pakistan people.