Button Lip In Kazakhstan

I recognize there are people in this world who actually believe they have the right to say what they damned well please. If anyone is of this prediliction let me suggest they avoid the wonderful nation of Kazakhstan. This particular country is under control of one, Nursultan Nazarbayev and he does not particularly enjoy the company of those who do not regard his words as those of God himself. He has moved to  ban two opposition movements because they are “opposition movement.” After all, why in God’s name should there be something like an “opposition movement?”

Vladimir Kozlov had this strange idea of telling striking workers they had the right to demand better pay and working conditions. Wow! What else could the Supreme Leader do but send this unusual man to jail? Of course, there is some good news. In the  good old days when Nursultan was younger, opposition folk wound up in a vat of acid. At least Vladimir is still in one piece.