Buy A Car To Vote!

I am an 83 year old male living in the nation known as the United States of America. My brothers and sisters live in the city of New York and they have given up driving due to their age. If they move to the state of North Carolina they will be compelled to produce a photo from their non-existent driver’s license in order to vote. Perhaps, someone can explain why one must produce a photo from a driver’s license since many do not drive cars. As people grow older and live in urban areas they utilize mass transportation, not cars. The new North Carolina law requires “authorized photo ID, it abolishes same day voting registration during the early voting period, and reduces the number of early voting days.

Once upon a time in North Carlina they prevented African Americans from voting by using a testing procedure regarding knowledge of the Constitution. We might return to that process and demand of the North Carolina legislature a test on knowledge of the Constitution.