Buy Nothing Day Encourages Just Doing, Not Purchasing!

Buy Nothing Day in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta resulted in hundreds of people sharing, singing, and having a good time without spending a dime. The global even was initiated by the Canadian magazine, Adbusters, which wanted to sponsor a day in which people throughout the world just hung around having fun and sharing and loving without getting caught up in commercial activities of buying goods they really didn’t need. At Sambas Park in Jakarta, there was free food, free clothes, free T-shirt printing, book readings, accupunture and even people who were ready to sing and dance. According to Ika Vantiani, “the spirit of Buy Nothing Day is sharing and charity.”

The dream of Buy Nothing Day is admirable, unfortunately, the world has reached a point in its history in which we buy and buy and buy or the wheels of commerce would cease moving. Among the thousands who turned out to celebrate the event in Sambas Park, there were hundreds who simply wanted some free food and clothes. I thought the most interesting event of the day happened in America where a woman went to a mall and had a sign offering to listen to anyone who needed someone to listen to their story. Reports indicate she attracted quite a crowd.