Bye Bye Barack, Hello Victory

Senator Claire McCaskill has informed the Democratic party that she will not be attending their convention this year. Senator McCaskill seeks to be returned as senator from the state of Missouri, which used to be a Democratic stronghold, but recently has sunk into the quack mire of doubt and ignorance. Frankly, the name of Barack Obama is not well loved in our state of stupidity. Why>|?

Barack Obama failed to explain the Affordable Care Act and thus allowed Republicans to convince millions this law hurt their interests. However, polls reveal when voters are asked about specific aspects of the law, they respond favorably.

Barack Obama has failed to explain his policies dealing with illegal immigrants. Under his administration more illegal immigrants were sent back to Mexico than during the EIGHT years of the Bush administration. How many Americans know this fact?

McCaskill has the burden of running for office and confronting ignorance  within the voting public due to the arrogance of Obama who refuses to explain what he has done.

Claire, I will vote for you, just don’t go near this man of arrogance who refuses to speak WITH the American people, preferring to speak TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.