Bye Bye Benny Ali!

For the first time in decades in a Muslim nation, people took to the streets and forced the government to exit the premises and allow for a shit towards democracy. Tunisian President Zine Al-Abedine Ben Ali headed for the airport, hopped on a plane and must probably headed or Paris where a bank account will ensure the poor man will not starve. However, thousands in the streets of Tunis were starved for experiencing the benefits of democracy and forced their president to depart– in a hurry. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had denounced the “ongoing violence against civilians in Tunisia” which marks an interesting example of America actually taking the side of democracy against corrupt, pro-western rulers. Questions remain as to whether Islamic extremists have played any role in the uprising of people who are sick and tired of being ruled by a two-bit dictator for over twenty years.

Time will tell as to whether this represents the triumph of democracy or whether this represents an opportunity for a fundamentalist Muslim group to seize power.