In the old days of the Bush administration, it was a given that Afghan leader Hamid Karzai was the only one to be considered as the leader of Afghanistan, but President Obama is considering the possibility of identifying new leadership that will not be tainted by the corruption and incompetence that now prevails in that unfortunate land. A senior US analyst commented: “The Americans aren’t going to determined the outcome of the election, but they could suggest to people they put their differences aside and form a dream ticket” that would encompass individuals from the spectrum of Afghan politics. While in Afghanistan on his trip, Obama conferred with Governor Sherzai even before seeing Karzai.

American intelligence has already obtained information that Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali, is engaged in drug trafficking and corruption is very widespread within the country. It is time to identify new leadership which can unite the people and offer them a viable alternative to the Taliban. Many American experts are suggesting focusing on developing local leadership as was done in Iraq with the Sunni Awakening Councils.