Bye Bye Lebanon Government

Lebanon has survived for many years through adroit manipulation of its government to ensure that both Christian and Muslim political leaders share in governance. The balancing act has worked because the alternative is to split the nation in half and allow for a Christian and a Muslim entity. Hezbollah and its allies have threatened to quit the Lebanese government unless the government ceases to support a United Nations investigation into who murdered former prime minister Rafiq Hariri. It is common knowledge that Syria, which supports Hezbollah, played a role in the assassination. During the past few months Lebanon has been paralyzed by refusal of Hezbollah to take any action until the government backs down from supporting issuance of a report on who pulled the trigger. Some political analysts cite close ties between Hezbollah and its allies, Iran and Syria.

Lebanon is confronted by one of those “lose/lose situations. If the investigation is squashed, then the nation will not have resolved the issue as to who killed its former leader. If the investigation results in a report that implicates Syria, Hezbollah is embarrassed. Tune in for further details–that is, if you enjoy reading a story which never concludes.