Bye Bye US Troops, Hello Iraqi Army!

It is virtually a certainty the United States will be withdrawing its forces from Iraq over the coming months, but the exact date of final departure is still unclear. A recent survey by the Army Times reveals a wide difference of opinion among Iraqis over the planned American departure from their nation. Prime Minister Maliki repeatedly insists the US must go so his army can assume control over the land. Sunni lawmaker, Mustafa al-Hiti reflected the views of many people by noting, “the aspirations of many Iraqis who want to see the occupying forces our of the country.” On the other hand, there are some who worry before leaving, America “should solve the ethnic and sectarian disputes in Iraq” in order to avoid the potentiality of civil war.

America is going to leave Iraq, the question is not merely when, but what might result in altering the plan. One concern of this writer is why have we constructed a huge embassy with 1,000 employees for such a small country?