Cain Can’t Remember

The ongoing trials and tribulations of Herman Cain  continue to dog his  efforts to become president of the United States. Of course, if he did, theAmerican people would have their own trials and tribulations. Herman poses as a good Christian man who does not like gays or lesbians or any sexual deviants, but for some strange reason two women years ago charged that he was a sexual deviant.  Herman was furious at this smear job by liberals and Socialists.

Yesterday, Herman said he was just remembering what happened when he headed a restaurant association and some women charged him with sexual harassment. He was standing next to some woman and said she reminded him of his wife. I guess he was complimenting the women, but for some reason they  said he was engaged in sexual harassment.

Question: I am only asking. Did he refer to any part of their anatomy when noting they resembled his wife?

Anyway, Herman just can’t seem to get through a day without some  weird liberal attack on his ideas or personality. I guess it is because his skin is black.