Cain: I Will Halt Taliban In Libya!

Each day, each word uttered by Herman Cain can only lead to one conclusion–this man is the boy in class who was a joker in order to hide the ignorance of his mind. The GOP candidate for the presidential nomination was asked about his views on the new government in Libya. “Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I agree with saying Gaddafi should go? Do I agree we now have a country where you’ve got the Taliban and al-Qaeda that going to be part  of the government?” I realize there are those who read books and stuff like that who think they are so smart because they know the Taliban are in Afghanistan, but who says a leader has to know everything?

According to Herman the Joker, “we need a leader, not a reader.” Who says a leader has “to know all the details in order to be a good commander-in-chief?” Heck, as Herman so aptly puts it, “we’ve got plenty of experts.” All Herman has to do is pick up the phone can call Don Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney OR get the guy chopping wood in Texas to help explain what to do!