Cain Is Misunderstood Man

Herman Cain told Jimmy Kimmel he is being persecuted just because this decent Christian man happens to enjoy making comments to  those of the opposite gender. As far as accusations go, “we are meeting this head on.” I assume he is not referring to the head of his penis in making this statement. “There is not an ounce of truth to these accusations.” His wife also defended him and if one’s wife does not believe her husband has roving hands, how can the world believe such stories.  According to Cain, his wife told him: “the things that women described -that doesn’t even sound like you.”

This statement can be interpreted several ways. Does it mean when Herman is with other women he  engages in sex acts that are never done with wife? I don’t know, and suspect neither does his wife.

In the end, people paid money to accusers of sexual misconduct. I guess this means if you accuse Herman of sex acts he will pay to ensure you do not continue making such comments.

How do I get on to this train of money?