Cain: “I’ve Had Great Week!”

Herman Cain is upset at the media which refuses to cease asking questions concerning certain sexual issues in his life. The ‘nit-piking media” is controlled by liberals who are out to halt his  campaign to save America from ruin. Reporters will not cease asking him questions concerning allegations dealing with women who were paid by liberals back in the 1990s to level false charges against him. Why is the media out to get him is the question?

The answer is quite clear. Herman Cain knows how to end the recession which has reduced wealthy people to the state of poverty. Herman Cain will lower their taxes and that is what liberals hate about this fine man. If only wealthy folk were excused from paying any taxes then they would create jobs for all Americans. Think about it! Women working as nannies. Men digging ditches and caring for lawns. Skilled men building yachts.

Cain is right about the media. They pick on conservatives. When and where was Barack Obama born?