Cain Not An Abel Candidate

Herman Cain is a black man whose heritage includes hundreds of years in which people with his skin were demeaned and treated as sub-humans. I am Jewish and due to my heritage believe any form of prejudice against any human must be opposed. Herman Cain never knew a cliche or expression of bigotry he would not utter in order to secure support from potential voters. There is a proposed Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which will be used by Muslim people in order to develop their sense of community. But, to Cain, “It’s an infringement and abuse of our freedom of religion” and went on to insinuate this was no innocent mosque but the beginning of plan to “sneak sharia law into our laws.” Huh! Muslims in America constitute, at best, about 2% of the population. How in hell can this small group force anything through a legislature? Then again, how many American Muslims even support the idea of sharia law?

Herman Cain carries the mark of Cain in his heart. He is an evil man, he is a man who preaches hate and vengeance upon the innocent. He is a man oblivious of his own heritage.