Cain Says He Is Able!

Something termed a Values Summit was just held in order to allow those seeking the Republican party nomination to explain why they have values that possess some sort of value. Rich Perry wanted everyone to know “the demise of the family is the demise of any great society.” That is why he opposes health care for the poor or distribution of food stamps to those who are hungry. Perry values a  little bit of hunger as an incentive for someone to starve with grace.

Herman Cain whose poll  numbers are rising wanted everyone to know that not only does he value a good pizza, he values hard work and low taxes. “I’m a problem solver. That’s why I am running.” There is no doubt when it comes to creating a great pizza, Herman Cain is the most Able candidate for that task.

Michele was not exactly articulate about her views, but after her recent long talk with God one can expect a letdown when it comes to talking with humans.